The Umpqua Brew Fest is a fun time. If you missed UBFXI, get ready! Umpqua Brew Fest is returning October 7, 2023 as part of Blocktober Downtown Roseburg
Event starts open at 11am.
$20 entry includes 5 tasting tickets and a souvenir 12 oz beverage container.

Our Goal

Our Community's Steward of Beer Synergy!
  1. Continue to be the premier expo of locally brewed products
  2. Showcase an annual homebrewing contest
  3. Encourage beer tourism in the hundred valleys of the Umpqua
  4. Disseminate beer news and resources

“A celebration of clean water, craft beer, 
and sustainable living in the hundred valleys of the Umpqua.”

After the fall harvest each year the communities of the hundred valleys of the Umpqua celebrate the bounty of the land and the purity of the water. Sponsors, vendors, volunteers, organizers, musicians, brewers, and craft beer tasters all come together every October for a day of water, barley, and hop heaven at the Umpqua Brew Fest. Must be 21 and over to attend.

“It's All About the Water!”

Since the the fall of 2010, the festival has raised funds for our education committee at Umpqua Watersheds, a non-profit conservation organization located in Roseburg, Oregon and dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Umpqua Watershed and beyond through education, training, and advocacy. 

“It Takes A Village To Raise A Brew!”

The event beer and food servers and the Planning Committee are non-paid volunteers who commit hundreds of hours of service to make this annual community celebration a success.

Contact: umpquabrewfest@gmail.com 

"Sammie" the Salmon

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