Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Going Green

Rusty Truck Brewing, Lincoln City, OR

How does the brewery reduce its carbon footprint?
 The byproducts of the brewing process are largely the spent grain, hops, and heated water. The grain is picked up by a local farmer to be used to feed his cattle and pigs. 

What about water used for brewing?
 The brewery is designed to recycle the heated water from the heat converter, which is used to cool the wort before it goes into the fermenter. When this system is finished, the heated water will provide interior heat to the 1,260 sq. ft. second story of the new brewery. Plans for this area include office space and employee housing. It will also provide heat to the interior or planned future 1,200 sq. ft. tasting room. 

What will be the end result?
We will have minimized our impact on the environment by putting waste energy to work, reusing water and recycling the only other byproduct of our brewing, the used malt, for animal feed.

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